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Sun, May. 2nd, 2004, 11:27 pm

Before I get to the real part of the post.. I'd like to say that it is soo beautiful outside right now! It's so windy and kind of warm, I think it could rain.

Anyway, I just uploaded almost 100 pictures that were on my camera. Some date back from Christmas time and the newest ones are from today. I haven't used this photo hosting site in months and of course it decides to not work at all tonight, during the time I wanna use it the most.

A few minutes ago I decided to make one gigantic post with tons of these pictures, talking about things that happened to me from December up until today but screw that, I'll just get with today. Oh it's raining now, a lot. Oh great and the lights are flickering.. probably I should shut down the computer now. Or not. LJ is so much more important than a working computer.

I suddenly just got so tired. I'll just finish this here and do the rest in a minute.