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Sun, May. 16th, 2004, 10:29 pm
another weekend completed

I can't even believe that the weekend is over already. Weekends should definitely be three days long and weeks should be four days. I'd be semi satisfied then. I feel like posting but I'm not in a talkative/typing mood anymore. My dad just pissed me off so much in the last hour. Basically, if you don't ever want to make me angry just have some common fucking sense. No wait.. not just some, have a ton of it. We'll get along just fine then.

Starting with today, I went to my cousin's graduation party. I didn't wanna go at first ..or not just at first, but at all.. I knew how it would be. Boring, same old general talk with the relatives that I see once every year or two. I'm only really close with some of my relatives and those are the only ones that I care about seeing.. the rest of them are so fake to me, it gets on my nerves. They can be nice though, I suppose. Maybe I'm too overly bitter to comment on how the party went. Soo.. it was ....ok. It really pissed me off a lot because my brother and dad didn't even go simply because they didn't feel like it yet I did, and I definitely didn't wanna be there just like them.

Yesterday Erika, Ron, and I went to South Street and met up with Joe for the MSI show. It was a good show I thought.. they're such a fun band to see, I can't imagine them ever putting on a boring shitty show. South Street was the most crowded I have EVER seen it in my life. I never wanna go there again on a weekend night in the summer again! ..I'm sure I will though.. but yeah it was horribly packed with too many people.

My sister and her friend just bought semi decent tickets off of ebay for the Blink 182/No Doubt concert June 6th.. they got three of them so I could go to. That was the deal, if they bought my ticket and paid for parking, then I'd drive them there and back. I think that's a pretty good deal. I won't mind seeing those bands for free.

Geez, June 6th is such a busy day.. Ron's birthday, my brother's birthday, Erika's moms birthday, and now this concert. Crazy.

I was standing in the back the entire time so it was pointless to take pictures, although I did take one pretty bad picture of the band playing. ..and another of, well.. the sign. (it says 11pm after 'mindlessselfindulgence' but I guess since the show was so late, there was soemone else performing earlier at 8pm). I did take a couple more but I don't think I'm allowed to post them.

Mon, May. 17th, 2004 01:31 pm (UTC)

Great pics, I'm seeing No Doubt/blink182 on the 9th at Jones Beach! I can't wait. I love No Doubt. I really miss MSI, I hope they play here soon again.