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Thu, Feb. 19th, 2004, 09:43 pm
my list..

1. Cenobita - Scabious Snout
2. FLA - Synthetic Forms
3. Eco - Compubrain
4. Outkast - Prototype
5. Pearl Jam - Man of the Hour
6. Coil - Solar Lodge
7. Faith and the Muse - Shattered in Aspect
8. Tub Ring - Living with Renee's Head
9. Rasputina - Sister Sleep
10. Suicide Commando - Better off Dead remix by Pierrepoint
11. Tub Ring - Psychology is B.S. (not science)
12. Leaether Strip - How Do I Know (Fall Out remix)
13. Laibach - STT
14. E-Craft - Final Cutoff
15. Wumpscut - Soylent Greun

I never put every single one of my mp3's onto one big playlist before.. this is fun, I'm gonna play each and every one of them in this random order. 1,072 should take some time. Although.. I hate this new winamp program that suddenly is on the computer.

Mon, Feb. 16th, 2004, 08:05 pm
Dead AIM

I forget where I originally downloaded the program from but I can't find it anywhere.. does anyone know where I can get it or can someone send me it?

Btw, it's like an alternative to the normal aol instant messenger. I like the options more on it than this piece of shit latest version of aim that I just downloaded....that I guess deleted my dead aim program.

Sun, Dec. 21st, 2003, 10:29 am
Merry Christmas boys and girls!

This is hilarious I think.. even though it's not the kids' faults that their mommy's are brutally killing cute animals.. they can read these informative pamphlets. I want one. Oh yeah and Santa Claus is DEAD.

"Kids will see the bloody truth behind their moms’ pretentious pelts."

Fri, Dec. 19th, 2003, 02:23 pm
My last day at this ugly school..

I'm sitting here in the library doing nothing.. I have about 30 more minutes before my photography class is having a stupid critique of our final projects. I say it's a stupid critique because no one ever says anything except for my teacher and he's the one grading our photos.. so it's pointless. I thought I was going to get to school so late today, and I did, but it didn't matter at all because in my photo class, he is giving everyone until 3pm to work on their pictures. Well I have no more photo paper left and I'm done my picture soo.. I just killed time by waiting in line to sell my books back. For two books that I paid $104 for in September, I got $57 back today.. Also there's this huge box of books that people couldn't sell back so they just dump them in there.. I was looking through them and I took this HUGE modern art history book. I always wanted to take that class so now I atleast have the book. I also took a philosophy and world religions book. Who knows, maybe one day I will read them. Nothing was in the lost and found boxes though.. I like free things! Last night after the concert, I ended up working on my theatre paper for an hour and then I fell asleep for four hours I think. In the end, I finished the entire paper in four hours from 8:30-12:30 this morning. I don't even think that's all that bad.. a little short though. He wanted it to be 1.5 spacing and 6 pages long but mine is double spaced and 6 pages long.. hah but whatever I don't care. I'm soo tired.. I think that when I get home tonight, I'm gonna rent the first LoTR and sit around watching it all night. I gotta go through all the pictures I took last night and upload them on my computer once I get home.. or sometime this weekend. I think I have to find another photo hosting website that is actually reliable. There's this guy sitting all the way at the end of where I am who drove past me on Wednesday playing NIN so loud. Uhh I wanna go home right now. I can't wait till I do. This weekend is gonna be nice.. I don't have to work on Monday and then I'll work Tuesday..and have six full days off in a row. Then the following week, I work once.. and have another six days off. I guess I should start walking back to my class now.. it seems like such a fucking long walk and it's cold. I left my coat in my photo class. I wish I didn't.. I feel paranoid now that someone my do something to it ..and then they can die because I'll find them and kill them. I should be so excited right now. ..people here are so fucking stupid. As I was standing in line to sell my books back, I was of course listening to the conversation these two guys were having infront of me. I thought they were at least 23 years old and then the one KID said he was born in 1985.. wtf he was acting like he knew everything and talking about how he's gonna spend all of his money buying beer and weed with his paycheck. What a dumbass. Next semester, my brother will fit in so perfectly with these morons. Now it's 2:36 so I'm gonna go..walk.. in the cold without my coat.

Wed, Dec. 17th, 2003, 09:46 pm


One more day. Tomorrow is work + MSI + 6 page paper on Oscar Wilde. I have decided to just give up and go to bed tonight since in the past two days, I've slept about three hours total. This means that I'll have to start my paper the minute I get home from the concert at around midnight. That should be awesome ..I will keep telling myself that once I'm home from school for good at around 3pm on Friday, I'll sleep forever..

and everything will be just fine. :)

Finally- I sleep.

Tue, Dec. 16th, 2003, 06:01 pm

What band sings the song that's on the radio a lot that goes, "much like sufficating!..." ??? What's the name of the song, anyone know? I like that song but have no idea who sings it/name of it. Yeah, it's probably by some band I hate and have made fun of many times before.

Yay the caffeine is kicking in!! I got home from work at 10am today since they didn't need me so I was thinking "wow this gives me soo much time to write my paper!" Of course I came home, went online, and then took a nap. I just got up a few hours ago.. went to the store and bought gauze, red food dye (it's my BLOOD), m&m's (gonna be my medicine which is really lame because they are red/green for xmas..but I didn't wanna use any other candy since they cost too much for the little amount I'd get), CAFFEINE.. and a mocha frapuccino which my sister swears was a malt something or another frapuccino and hated it.. but I didn't know the difference.

I finally have a thesis for my film paper.. it's so damn general.. but oh well it will be good enough for a three to five page paper. I found this gif that's from the film I'm writing my paper about..I thought it was cool:

Wow just about two more days and my life will be almost stress free for a few weeks!!!

Unless of course the problem with my mom is that she has blood clots in her leg and she dies or something. Or.. if my grandmom dies since she has serious blood clots and has been in the hospital.. Eh but I doubt that's my mom's problem.. well atleast if they died, I'd have no guilt if I killed myself!

I'm saying that in the cheeriest possible way.

I don't care if I stay up till 4am!!

Mon, Dec. 15th, 2003, 07:49 pm
school.. what else?

Ahh just five more days left of this mess! Alright I talk about school way too much on here, but.. right now it's what I'm dwelling on the most. I took two finals today and practiced a little bit more for my final scene. I did pretty bad on my theatre final since I barely studied but it's curved.. and from the looks of it, it's going to be a large curve because I don't think many people did good at all. My film final, on the other hand, went really really good I think. I hope she can email me my grade for that sometime. I'm not yet too nervous about the scene for acting.. probably I will be right before I gotta start acting like I'm a patient in a mental hospital..OR I just won't care at all, afterall it is only an Acting I class at a community college. Tonight, I better write my film paper.. damn. I'm really waiting till the last minute with these two papers. I have basically four days to write two papers. The highlight of my day will be eating dinner in a few minutes because my mom made something good. After that.. I really have to force myself to focus on this paper and finally come up with a thesis for it.

Fri, Dec. 12th, 2003, 06:56 pm
Let it be known..

I will write my entire paper on Luis Bunuel & Salvador Dali's two surrealist films by TONIGHT!!!!!

I'm not letting myself go to sleep unless it's done or else tomorrow, I have a great reason to kill myself.

There is just no more time left!! I wish the weekend was five days long and not only two.

Two days? What's that about?

Oh yeah and the other day at school, I FINALLY got a parking ticket! It would be really fucked up if they gave me another one next week since I, OF COURSE, didn't get a parking permit yet...there's only one week of school left! I'm going to be so mad if I get another one though. I think I'd just lie and say that I was only visiting the school for an hour to sign up for classes.

Ihavesomuchtodothisweekend+threedaysafterit. :\

By this time next week, I'm going to be one super fucking happy girl WHO IS DONE WITH SCHOOL.. for the time being. I absolutely cannnnnnnnnnot wait.

After I eat dinner, I'm gonna sit somewhere uncomfortable and cold in my house and write this paper. [cuz otherwise I'd normally sit in my bedroom, on my bed.. which is probably the worst place to get any homework done if you are tired.]

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